2009 Fantasy Football Busts

The accompanying players are probably not going to acquire their ADP (normal draft esteem).


Ryan, Matt ATL

He’s been going in the 6th round of many drafts, and that is too soon. He totally has the ability, however the Falcons like to run so a lot, there ought to be many games where Ryan neglects to top 200 yards and one score.

Cutler, Jay CHI

He’s not in Denver any longer. His best recipients are his tight end and running back at this point. The Bears will in any case attempt to depend on their running match-up and guard. Cutler shouldn’t be drafted before a large number of the quarterbacks he’s being drafted previously.


Tomlinson, LaDainian SD

Indeed, he could skip back for one extraordinary rebound year. He’s maturing, and he demonstrated last year that wounds can wreck him now. I can’t take that sort of risk in my first round.

Westbrook, Brian PHI

The Eagles drafted LeSean McCoy this previous summer for protection. At the point when Westbrook gets injured for the current year, the Eagles will rest him and scarcely avoid a beat.

Smith, Kevin DET

He’s an incredible, extraordinary back, yet you don’t consume a second round single out a Lions running back when they’ll play from behind continually. แทงบอล บอลเลื่อน  He could compensate for it in PPR classes, yet at the same time, I wouldn’t take him until Round 4.

Thomas, Pierre NO

Individuals are thinking of him off due to his physical issue and the jam-packed backfield, however he can possibly offer incredible benefit in the event that you can catch him in the fifth round.

Addai, Joseph IND

He will not hold off the freshman Donald adequately brown to procure his ADP.

Jones, Thomas NYJ

They’ll utilize Leon Washington all the more at any rate, yet Jones overachieved last year, and this year rivals will stack the container if/when the new kid on the block quarterback Mark Sanchez can’t extend the field for Jones.

Lewis, Jamal CLE

He’s toast, straightforward as can be. The Browns will go to a blend of Jerome Harrison and James Davis after a short time.


Owens, Terrell BUF

On the off chance that things go south in Buffalo, Owens could get pretty useless pretty quick. Truly, how well can a person with his character take being smothered frequently?

Edwards, Braylon CLE

Quinn’s arm isn’t sufficiently able to exploit Edwards. He’ll be an appallingly conflicting dream wide recipient.

Williams, Roy DAL

He could work out, yet I wouldn’t squander a fourth balance single out him to discover in the event that he will or not. Jason Witten ought to eclipse him in dream football.

Bryant, Antonio TB

He is OK to capture in the seventh or eighth rounds, however he’s being drafted before that dependent on last year’s numbers. Byron Leftwich is a dreadful quarterback, and the Bucs will attempt to run the ball however much as could be expected.


Gonzalez, Tony ATL

OK, so he will not be a failure in the genuine feeling of the word, however individuals anticipating that he should copy last year’s numbers would be mixed up. Michael Turner and Roddy White will make sure that his numbers decrease in 2009.

Winslow, Kellen TB

He can’t remain solid. His quarterback is byron Leftwich. He’s in a group with a genuine run-first disposition. Need additional reasons?


Gostkowski, Stephen NE

He’s just being drafted too soon. You don’t take kickers in the 10th round. You stand by.

Gould, Robble CHI

New Bears quarterback Jay Cutler will make sure that Gould has extremely conflicting freedoms from one game to another with his turnovers and helpless choices.