BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Review – Know More About Excellence Packed in Box

In case you’re searching for a smooth and telephone like BlackBerry, the overhauled Blackberry Pearl 8120 makes a capable showing. They have thinned down the BlackBerry’s customary massive shape to a ‘confection’ plan, quickly making utilizing a BlackBerry more engaging for individuals with pants instead of simply coat pockets. There is no denying it, the Blackberry Pearl 8120 is a hot handset. It’s a thin and stunningly lightweight unit with a draw in hardened steel managing. The 8120 feels great in the hand, and fits well in your pocket. The Pearl 8120 glimmers a lively 240 x 260 pixel TFT show which is a solace for the individuals who need huge and brilliant screens for utilizing applications on handsets. Dissimilar to the remainder of the Blackberry range, the Pearl arrangement has the QWERTY keypad supplanted with double info QWERTY keypad with keys sharing two letters. To dazzle us the 8120 has SureType prescient content programming – how precisely it anticipated the words as we entered them!


The insight of RIM to parade the new media attractions with the business related usefulness still unblemished has made it’s anything but a nitty gritty Blackberry 8120 audit. For that load of music and video insane individuals, Blackberry Pearl 8120 offers Roxio Media Manager effectively changing over media to Blackberry-accommodating sound snes roms pack and video records. No trade offs with the quality! The photos sharp and sound perfectly clear, giving you a visual and sound treat. The Blackberry Pearl 8120 accompanies a 2-megapixel camera fusing a LED streak and a self-representation mirrors which is without a doubt a major expansion to the 1.3 MP in the past model. A significant leap from the first Pearl is the office of 802.11b/g Wi-Fi missing in the first model. With the presence of Bluetooth 2.0, the telephone works with very straightforwardness in moving and imparting records to other viable gadgets with speed! It chips away at 312MHz, Intel XScale PXA901 processor, 64MB of blaze ROM and 16MB of RAM expandable up to 8GB.


The Blackberry Pearl 8120 gloats of 4 hours of talk time and 15 hours on backup. Our experience while testing the handset dazzled us when the gadget conveyed more than 12 hours of relentless music with the Sim left dynamic.


The BlackBerry Pearl 8120 is an incredible Smartphone without a doubt. It looks great, feels better and the gadget offers a ton new than those standard business related functionalities. Without a doubt, Blackberry 8120 is an exquisite and full-included Smartphone that offers quick web access.