Online Multimedia Enriched CBSE Study Material For Classes 1 to 12

The progression of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in instruction has changed the customary methods of learning and educating. The customary online instructive substance like books and diagrams has been subbed by interactive media based online investigation material. Investigate CBSE Study Material with interactive media improved courseware to amplify learning for CBSE classes 1 to 12 according to NCERT Curriculum. CBSE online arrangements is presently founded on the utilization of sounds, pictures and livelinesss to establish a learning climate more Interactive and Informative. ICT arrangements supplier association, gives this intelligent online answers for all CBSE understudies and instructors the nation over. Covering all Subjects, for example, Maths, English, Hindi, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Political Science and Geography as Interactive instructive substance. Uncommonly planned and composed by instructors, educational program authors, fashioner and artists. Educators can likewise utilize it for developmental and summative appraisal of the understudies and reinforce their advancement Study Materials.


The best part about Genee CBSE online arrangements is its incorporation with ICT showing helps like Digital Whiteboard, Interactive Response Systems, Visualisers and projectors. Educators can comment on this investigation material with the assistance of computerized pen on intuitive whiteboard. All that is clarified can be saved in PC and divided between understudies. The intuitive instructive substance for CBSE Students helps in the developmental and summative evaluation with Student reaction frameworks. The instructor poses inquiries utilizing mixed media study material in different arrangements like content, numeric, numerous decisions, yes or no, valid or bogus etc.The understudy reaction frameworks gather information about reactions which educator can use for appraisal.