Maggie’s First Visit to a Dog Groomer  

October 23, 2020 - general

Maggie’s First Visit to a Dog Groomer  

When my family and I went to pick up our dog from the Corgi rescue in Kentucky, we did not know what to expect. We knew generally what she would look like, but we didn’t know anything about her behavior or her strange little habits. But when we finally   dog grooming fort wayne

saw Maggie for the first time, she was a wild little dog, running around in her pen, barking at all of the other dogs and her coat was very thin and coarse. The lady at the rescue, Jean, recommended that to fix her coat we take her to get groomed immediately. Jean recommended two places two us. She told us about one place for dog grooming in Florence, KY and another place for dog grooming in Hebron, KY. We chose the place in Florence just because it was closer and as soon as we got Maggie home we made an appointment for her to be groomed.

On the day of the grooming, Maggie knew she was going somewhere special. We put her in the car and took her about ten minutes down the road to get her fur coat treated. The lady who was ready to groom Maggie picked her up and placed her in the tub. And that is when it all started.

Maggie really did not like the water, you could see it by the look in her eye. She looked very pitiful standing in the water while the nice lady gave her a nice shampooing. Maggie did, however, like the woman who was giving the bath. Maggie showed her affection by licking her ear every time the woman leaned over to shampoo and rinsed the side that was facing away from the woman.

After her bath, Maggie was taken over to a table top to be dried and brushed. This was the first time we found out that Maggie does not like any kind of electric household appliance. As soon as the blow dryer started Maggie jumped and tried to get off of the table. However, the groomer held her very nicely and tried to tell Maggie that everything was going to be alright.

Finally, after her fur was dried, the groomer began Maggie’s favorite part of the grooming, brushing her fur. My mom and I found out on this trip that Maggie loves being brushed. She loves any kind of attention, but being brushed made her very happy. It seemed like a nice reward to her after she must have felt she was being somewhat tortured by the bath and blow dryer.


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