Fantasy Football Information: Grab a Jones and Run to a Fantasy Football Title

Here’s fantasy football information that may provide a strategy few people will consider. Use this simple rule on fantasy football draft day, and you’re sure to be in the playoff hunt: get yourself a Jones.

In most fantasy football leagues, running backs are the most valuable players. A running back that catches a lot of passes and runs for a lot of yards and scores plenty of touchdowns can be the cornerstone of your fantasy football championship run. Now, if you are fortunate enough to select very early in your fantasy football draft, you’ll probably go after one of the thoroughbreds – Priest Holmes, Shaun Alexander, or Domanick Davis. If you pick later in the round, though, near the bottom, you’ll want to seriously consider a second-year back by the name of Jones. In fact, you can consider two.

Both Kevin Jones of the Detroit Lions and the Cowboys’ Julius Jones promise to have super years in 2005. Consider their stellar rookie seasons – years that made many fantasy football owners smile, especially late in the year. Kevin Jones started slow, before racing to 1,133 yards and five touchdowns. He had an eye-popping 4.7 yards per carry average. He also caught 28 balls for 180 yards and another score. Jones will be better this season. As his quarterback continues to mature, and his receivers get healthy, defenses will have to prepare for a complete offensive package, leaving Kevin to romp freely. Kevin Jones is worth a late first-round pick in any performance scoring league. If your fantasy football league uses the basic scoring method, you may want to wait until the second round, but don’t wait much longer. ผลบอลสด

As Dallas works out its QB problems, Julius Jones should also improve, which is scary for National Football League defenses and your opponents, should you nab Julius in your fantasy football draft. Now, your fantasy football information gurus may not be high on Julius Jones, because of his size (5-9, 205), but don’t let this deter you from grabbing this guy in the late first round. After an injury-plagued beginning to his rookie season, Jones finished the season with 819 rushing yards and seven TDs. All of this came in just seven starts. Imagine doubling these numbers and adding them to your fantasy football squad!