Touchdown Football Party

Football is the all American sport. We watch it on Saturdays for college, pros all day on Sunday and Monday night and we spend Thursdays and Fridays covering school football events! Incorporate football into a celebration for a birthday, homecoming or special event.

Send out invitations shaped like footballs. The party planning store will have those and other football motifs to choose from. Make your guests wear football jerseys of their favorite team – whether it is pro, college or whatever. Face paint and other fanatical displays are optional.

You can have the first game be who comes dressed with the most spirit. Come up with a prize for the person who has the most face paint on or the most original show of spirit. They are wearing a cheese head? Give them a gift certificate to a pizza shop. They are wearing a dress and heels and rooting for a pig team? Send them to a BBQ place. Have fun and be creative with the prizes.

Football parties need food, especially if the TV will be on all day. Make the menu finger food that is easy to snack on all day without being refrigerated. Have guests bring their favorite bag of chips to share and you provide the dips. The football party can also include alcohol, but use with only age appropriate adults. กฎการเล่นบอลเดี่ยว

Decorations can be minimal, since the focus will be on the game. Some wall hangings of your favorite teams or banners can add to the fun of the event. Mini-footballs to throw around at halftime can be fun too. All the paper products and favors can be found with the assistance of a party planner at a party supply store. They will be more than happy to assist you with all of your party needs!