Age Differences When Coaching Youth Football

Training Considerations for Various Age Groups in Youth Football


In past posts, I have given various tips for working with more youthful matured youth football players. As referenced in the book and in these posts, the 6-8 year old children are extremely visual and we showed you numerous stunts on how utilize that for your potential benefit.


How do the other youth football age bunches differ from one another?


These are speculations that I have found have remained constant with my own groups just as from what I have seen doing facilities and from criticism from different mentors:


Age bunch layers fluctuate from one group to another, these are some I have worked with:


Age 8-10: While our rivals infrequently permit the long term olds to play tackle football, we do. About 80% of our long term olds play tackle, the littlest and least develop 8’s play banner football. We have found with the right practice needs like those definite in the book and restricting most bores to little aggressive gatherings and enduring close to 10 minutes, even long term olds can be prepared to be skilled youth football players. That is obviously utilizing the books practice system and not doing the 40-60 play playbook thing that numerous inadequately instructed youth football crews use.


This age bunch is the most amusing to mentor in my psyche. They are anxious to if it’s not too much trouble, have not many unfortunate quirks, they need to become familiar with the game, they are eager and the greater part of them actually regard authority. This gathering reacts genuine well to acclaim and rewards. They will test you like any gathering, however less so than other age gatherings.


Age 11-12: This gathering can frequently proceed as a large part of the playbook or much more than the 13-14s since they actually listen really well. Most have played in any event 1 year and some upwards of 3-4 years. This implies you may need to bring an end to some helpless propensities or responsibility guidelines that their past mentor didn’t address as expected. They can test you and a portion of the top competitors may attempt to perform undertakings “their” way rather than yours. It is vital to require total adherence to the method guidelines you set, else it will be mayhem with this gathering. Prize, applause and discipline are needed to cause this gathering to perform to their latent capacity. Presently you can toss the waggle pass and utilize more movement.


Age 13-14: The most troublesome, fulfilling and disappointing gathering to mentor. This age bunch generally has had the most elevated drop out rate in youth football. กฎการเล่นแทงบอล   Players this age begin to look to different interests like young ladies, work, different games, computer games and school to give some examples. A few children this age with minimal parental help likewise go through phases of lack of concern where they don’t do a lot of anything. As large numbers of these players go through adolescence their bodies change, the enormous overwhelming child is finished developing and now low and view, he is one of the more modest children. The little child that stood his ground at the more youthful age bunches doesn’t grow a piece or goes into adolescence later and is abruptly predominated by a lot bigger and more forceful players. A few parts in this age bunch grow 5 inches and put on 30 pounds of muscle starting with one season then onto the next. They return with more profound voices, beard growth and muscle tone, barely unmistakable from the earlier year. These immense contrasts in development levels frequently drive more slow creating kids from the game. Numerous more fragile players at this point sort out that football won’t be something they will dominate at and quit playing. While passing precision is as yet patchy we have had players this age that can toss the ball 35-40 yards.


For us this gathering requires the most consideration, mentors are regularly mentor and social laborer to numerous children this age. The one year I trained this age bunch with another companion, it was exceptionally fulfilling. This was a “B” group where I terminated the whole training staff multi week before their first game. This adolescent football instructing staff had disregarded our “No “B” stacking” rule just as “No Wednesday Football Practice” rule. They additionally neglected to even distantly follow our football training technique format and going into their first game the base football plays and guard were off by a long shot to being satisfactory.


My companion and I were both head training different groups, so 2 days seven days is all we needed to make this gathering work. Moreover, we moved 4 clear “A” level players off this “B” group and moved them up to their legitimate spot on the “A” group. We had a heap of issues, little players, feeble players, unconfident players however kids that needed to be there. At the more youthful levels that is something you don’t generally see, a few players are there on the grounds that father needs them to be a football player.


We began with 24 children, we moved the 4 “A” kids up, one player broke his arm skating, one got removed the group by mother for evaluations and one needed to stop since he visited his father in an out state jail on that very days as we played our games. We had only 16-17 children in a “B” association, to finish it off the alliance chose to scrap the “B” class that year without a second to spare and just made another division where they put what they thought were more vulnerable “A” groups in. We were the lone association that had a genuine “B” group in it, the other Orgs had only one group, so we wound up playing that associations best group with the most vulnerable 17 children we had. We were unable to bear to lose a solitary player that season, getting ready only 16-17 children.


How could we do it? Bunches of recognition, heaps of chalk talks, loads of players learning different positions, every player with a responsibility accomplice like we talk about in the book in Chapter 4. To this age bunch, we clarified both the hows and the whys of what were attempting to instruct. Indeed, even with the modest number of players, we considered players responsible to rehearse participation and strategy norms. A few times we didn’t begin the best player. Over the long haul we made ourselves clear and the children realized we would not move from the norm. In the wake of battling right on time as we expected, we won out to come in just short of the win in a division we were completely outmatched in.


This age gathering can do everything, anyway they frequently won’t proceed just as some 11-12 year old groups. Despite the fact that they are genuinely predominant than the more youthful age kids, this gathering regularly must be brought an end to of numerous negative propensities past youth mentors permitted to go on. While a significant number of these players have extraordinary football keenness and athletic abilities, many do have thoughts of their own, that they will continually attempt to utilize as opposed to address procedure. I appreciate talking and dissuading kids this age bunch, yet in the event that you don’t have a solid character and the children sense shortcoming, they will turn directly over you.